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Realize Meaning In Your Experience Of Living

Actualize Your Potential To A Meaningful Life

Many of us perceive quality in terms of material value. As a consequence, quality of life is defined through the objects we own instead of the quality of our experiences, the number of friends we have instead of the quality of our friendships, the number of activities in which we participate instead of the quality of our actions, and the money we make instead of the value we create in its making.

Ef Zin is the work of Classical Thinkers, notably Aristotle. It reflects a view on life not merely as what it is but as what it can be if we actively participate in its making. It represents a wholistic and all-inclusive antidote to the material aspects of contemporary living, providing answers on “How to become what we have the potential of becoming by discovering ourselves” rather than “What to be or do to achieve fulfillment”.

Quality comes from quality and may be represented in tangible things, but quality is not tangible in nature. Understanding quality involves exploring meaning, and this, in turn, requires that we learn to evaluate things for what they really are, not just what they appear to be. A life of value is one where we act as agents in creating meaning for ourselves by defining the symbols we use to represent us instead of using them to define ourselves.

"Life in the true sense is perceiving or thinking." Aristotle

This is why, within Ef Zin, the instrument of our well-being can be no other than the quality of our character, as that is reflected in the quality of our thinking. Our thinking is the foundation upon which our decisions are made, our experiences are formed, and our personal wisdom is developed. Wise thinking involves exploring meaning, evaluating choices, examining actions taken in attaining goals and reflecting on the ideas we form as conclusions of the evaluations we make. We become the agents of the lives we create as we develop a strong sense of self that can determine both purpose and meaning. 

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