ELEVATE The Origin OF YOUR Ideas

IMMERSIVE YOURSELF IN A 5 Day Experiential Seminar

Learn how to practice wise thinking when you adopt and develop the ideas that guide your choices. Ideas influence your perceptions of yourself and your reality. In this seminar, we combine Dialectic Games with the art of photography, deepening your understanding that you remain true to yourself as long as the ideas you hold result from your well-thought-out evaluations.

This experiential seminar is tailored to personal and professional objectives.

Our experiential seminar guides you in learning how to take a closer look at where your ideas come from, how they are formed and what they imply. You discover that cultivating your reasoning skills is essential in evaluating ideas and seeking the truth that lies within. The ideas shaping your life must be the result of your thinking. 

By cultivating your personal wisdom, you empower yourself to discern the authenticity and value of ideas that guide both your personal and business life. This clarity allows you to reach wise conclusions that lead to informed decisions and deepen your understanding of yourself and the world around you.

Under the guidance of a Sophia’s Best Mentor, you gain insight on:

  • how you define these ideas accurately
  • how you uncover the meanings that lie underneath the surface
  • how you recognise what these ideas say about yourself
  • how you recognise how these ideas influence the way you view others
  • how you understand the source of the ideas
  • how you evaluate the truthfulness of ideas
  • how you evaluate the influence they have on you
  • how you criticise ideas
  • how you differentiate the constructive elements of ideas from those that cloud your thinking and mask your true potential
  • how you make constructive hypotheses when you make choices and anticipate results in fulfilling your needs and achieving your goals


Be a free thinker and don’t accept everything you hear as truth. Be critical and evaluate what you believe in.


Our Mentor shows you how to evaluate the ideas that guide your choices, how to explore their meaning, and how to realise the way in which they were formed and why. They help you understand where they come from, what they mean to you, and why they are significant. Examining your ideas gives you insight into the influences shaping your decisions. This self-awareness empowers you to discern ideas that align with your true self so you can refine your decision-making and make choices that resonate authentically with who you are.

Dialectic Games guide you in examining the meaning of the ideas that shape your understanding of yourself and your reality, removing biases and external influences that mask the truth of who you are and your personal wisdom. They help you learn how to practice wise thinking when you explore and formulate ideas because they influence how you interpret your feelings and experiences and, therefore, how you perceive yourself and others. Doing so helps you better understand yourself and make wise choices that align with your true needs and purpose.

We spend every day and evening together. As such, every moment is organised in detail and provided for in full, from activities to food and beverages. We’ve ensured your appetite (intellectually, emotionally and gastronomically) is well taken care of.

Photography is a powerful tool for illustrating the influence of the ideas that guide your choices by visually capturing how you “see” and interpret the world around you. Through photographs, you examine the scenes, subjects, and compositions that catch your attention, reflecting your unique perspectives and interpretations. Each image becomes a window into your thinking, revealing not only what caught your eye but also the layers of perception and interpretation woven into the frame. Through this process, you uncover the unique lens through which you interpret your surroundings, shedding light on your personal perspectives and the extent to which your experiences reflect your own authentic stories.

As you venture through the enchanting landscapes of the southern Peloponnese, you capture the essence of your surroundings through your lenses. In Kalamata, you might focus your “eye” on the vibrant colours of the local produce at the bustling farmers’ market or the intricate patterns of traditional architecture in the old town. Against the backdrop of Pylos’ picturesque harbour, you experiment with different perspectives to convey the timeless wisdom of the seaside town, capturing the interplay of light and shadow on the tranquil waters. As you explore the imposing walls of Methoni’s ancient fortress, you tell stories of human effort and pride while quiet moments amid the olive groves inspire you to reveal the intimate connection between nature and the human spirit. With each click of the shutter, you deepen your understanding of how perception shapes reality, your photographs serving as windows into your unique perspectives on the world.

An Expert Photographer enriches the experience by sharing their knowledge on how to capture images that represent ideas, feelings, and values by emphasising the significance of composition, lighting, and subject choice. They guide you in developing a unique perspective or “eye of the world,” encouraging you to infuse your photographs with personal meaning and emotional depth. Combined with dialectic games, you learn how to discern the truth about your perspectives and those of others.

All meals are authentically Greek and made with local, organic produce. Local beverages, including wine, will accompany our discussions and meals.

The seminar is conducted in English or Greek.

This experiential seminar lasts five days at a time of your convenience.

Due to the complexity of this seminar, the experience cannot be shortened. However, at your request, we can extend its duration to fall even deeper into the topic and even further attuned to your personal or business needs.

This experiential seminar takes place in the southern Peloponnese. The region’s picturesque coastlines and lush countryside provide an ideal setting for constructive thinking and artistic expression.

A minimum of two people can attend this seminar.

However, we encourage the participation of more people because learning is more constructive in the company of friends. A range of 2 to 8 participants would be preferable for this seminar.

We look forward to discussing and deciding the accommodation and transportation arrangements for the five-day seminar together. Your preferences and feedback are essential to meet your needs and expectations for a comfortable event experience.

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