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How do we create a life that feels real and meaningful to us? Where does that process even begin? The Ef Zin perspective distinguishes you as the instigator of this creative process. As long as you are the real you; because it is the nature of your needs that will define your goals, and the quality of your character that will help you fulfill them.

Cooking is a perfect example of a creative thinking process that deals with realness and goals. In greek cuisine, it is the ingredients at hand that define the purpose of the dish. Specifically, the recognition of their real qualities and characteristics that give the cooking process direction. It will be the available figs that make your salad sweet (instead of bitter), the lemon that makes your soup sour (instead of spicy), or the type of meat that determines if you’re cooking in the oven or on the grill. The realness of each ingredient defines every step – every goal – taken to bring out the best flavor.

We’re all looking for “something” out of life, like an itch that needs to be scratched or a flavor we crave.

And although many of us can’t articulate what “something” is, we still seek it out in our everyday lives; in our careers, our hobbies, our friends, and our relationships. We formulate hypotheses – expectations – of how to gain this “something” and pursue them expecting an improvement in our quality of life. We organize a series of goals to carry out our hypotheses: “a raise will give me a sense of achievement”, “a house will symbolize my progress”, “a partner will reflect my personal value”. However, more often than not, the goals we’ve accomplished do not fulfill us the way we expected. Instead, we’re left tired and unmotivated with a unsatisfied itch.

But how do we decide what we want? Define what we need? How do we establish what will fulfill us and feel meaningful? How do we move towards the answer to our needs? How do we set our goals? Find our direction and purpose? Do we organize our future actions? Schedule our years? Anticipate the “big” decisions? How do we create a quality of living without quantifying it? How do we create a real and meaningful life? 

This is the Topic examined in our experiential seminar! Hit the “Experience” tab above to read all about the dialectic games and activities that unravel in your day.

Want to read more about this Topic? Here’s our insight on the matter.

This experiential seminar unfolds for half a day in the unspoken treasures of Athens: her neighborhoods and their kitchens.

Your day begins scouring the local stores of Koukaki, looking for natural and organic ingredients. 

If the day allows (such as Fridays), you will stroll through the neighborhood laiki (open market, “λαϊκή”) and discover the subtleties of ingredients; from the mud coating regional potatoes to the juices dripping from fresh tomatoes. You will consider and evaluate the qualities of every vegetable or herb, every meat or fish, for they will determine the goals we set in the upcoming cooking process. 

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In a local neoclassical kitchen, under the guidance of a culinary Local Mentor, you will learn how to recognize the realness of an ingredient. How to see all the details that often go unnoticed; all the unique characteristics that hold the possibility of creation. How to form predictions from the realness you see, so that you may set the appropriate cooking goals. Ensuring that every step of the creative process expresses the truth of each ingredient. How you aim to chop, dice, synthesize, dress your ingredients in order to bring out flavor and nutritional value. As a result, every choice and decision will be purposeful and meaningful; from the way you choose to boil instead of fry, or pick cloves over cinnamon, and replace water with white wine. In the kitchen, you will learn how to create real goals as every step is directed by the main ingredients at hand and driven by the need to accentuate their real flavor. 

Integrated into your experience of kitchen counters, are the Sophia’s Best Dialectic Games. You’ll humorously and humanly partake in activities that bring forward your ways of thinking. Evaluating the way you actualize realness into goals and create meaning out of the qualities before you. As you unravel the goals in your cooking, you also unfold your own personal goals. Looking into the ingredients that make up the real you, and examining the ways your goals bring out your best. So, as you sift through the baker’s batches of fresh bread and consider the possibilities, you will find yourself sifting through your own emotions and the qualities that define the real you to create your own goals.

Late in the afternoon, with feta crumbles dotting the table whilst wine slips into the basin of your glass, you finally eat. Taste the ingredients you picked from the market and remember which processes brought its flavor to life. Behind your vissino “spoon sweet” you will see your fresh sour cherries and behind your outbursts of laughter you will see your authentic self.

But don’t forget that this is only one meal along the journey of learning how to cook – only one stop in the process of creating a real and meaningful life. The process of creating real goals – be it culinary or personal – is ever-evolving and continuous. And whilst every meal along the way should be celebrated and enjoyed, it is the creative process itself that is the most flavorsome and filling.

Discover how to live a meaningful and flavorsome life by cultivating your personal qualities organically and unprocessed, and by setting goals that reflect the real you.

What is Included

  • This experiential seminar has been specifically structured and designed in a way that embodies the thinking processes characteristic of the Path “Create”, whilst the Topic Real Goalsis the heart of your experience. 
  • A Sophia’s Best Mentor accompanies you throughout the day to reveal an insight on this Topic as it exists in the environment around you and within you.
  • Dialectic Games and Activities that work hand-in-hand with the illustrative activities to stimulate your mind and animate the insight as an experience.
  • This experience unravels in half a day
  • The day is filled with illustrative activities inspired by the people, culture and environment of this program’s location. Each activity serves as an opportunity to gain insight on the Topic and challenge your way of thinking authentically and naturally.
  • We spend the entire day together. As such, every moment is organized in detail and provided for in full; from activities to food and beverages. We’ve made sure your appetite (intellectually, emotionally and gastronomically) is well taken care of.
  • Expert local cook will guide you through the process of choosing ingredients and cooking
  • Local practices and activities, include but are not limited to;
    • An exploration of local neighborhood in the center of Athens, Koukaki
    • Guided pickings of fresh local organic ingredients in the neighborhood’s vibrant food market, laiki
    • Cooking session with an expert cook 
    • Full Greek meal in local neoclassical home
  • All fresh ingredients you pluck from the market stands 
  • Local beverages; including wine 
  • Snacks to nibble as you cook
  • The final meal

What is not Included

Our original price does not include transportation and accommodation. Excluding these factors from our original price leaves room for flexibility around your personal needs and budget. Perhaps you already have a car or prefer a van? Maybe you enjoy luxury hotels or prefer local homes? It is up to you.

Although we do not provide these services, we collaborate with authentic accommodation and local transportation providers in each region. There are multiple options at hand, so we can decide together upon a choice that respects your personal needs and budget.

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