The Seminar

This experiential seminar unravels in the ripples of the Ionian Sea sailing in the summer months, across the waters of Cephalonia, Ithaca, Meganisi, Kalamos and other lesser-known neighboring islands.

However, you can alternatively enjoy this seminar in Mani Peloponnese (an area that spreads across both Messinia and Laconia), anytime throughout the year. It is within the nature of love to need time and as such this seminar needs 7 days (6 nights) to unfold. However, in both cases, some of the specific locations and their respective activities, are susceptible to change depending on the weather. But don’t worry, we will check with you before finalizing the exact locations! Irrespective of any differences, the experience remains the same as you sail on Ionian blues or journey Mani’s mountain slopes and sea shores to rediscover how you can energize your love.

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