The Seminar

For 1 Day in Athens, you will adopt Athenian habits only to explore the balance in your personal habits and the potential they have to energize you. Habits are patterns of behavior that express your character, and when practiced in measure, they have the ability to uplift your quality of living. You’ll spend the entire day in the heart of the city: it’s historical center. Neighborhoods such as Koukaki, Plaka, Thiseio and Monastiraki will be the grounds for you to humorously unravel your habits and discover how to find the measure that energizes your quality of living.

We often catch ourselves falling into a cycle of routines that drains our energy and disenchants our perspective on reality.

With work responsibilities, familial demands and personal necessities, it’s very easy to fall into an uninspiring daily pattern. So we try to inspire change. We adopt motivating lifestyles and develop new habits that will revitalize us and offer a sense of personal balance. Whilst going to the gym, eating healthy and putting our phone away are all well-intended, they can only take us so far. Unfortunately, their ability to inspire change is short-lived. They fill our days with seemingly positive acts without necessarily inspiring positive actions. Influencing what we do, without addressing who we are. Reshaping our daily lives, without inherently bettering the quality of our living. 

Which habits, then, hold the possibility of true and enduring change? How do habits speak of character? How do habits challenge character? How do we turn our habits into opportunities to energize ourselves? Balance our decisions on the axis called “self”? Turn repeated choices into opportunities to practice change? Turn daily actions into healthy developments? How do we form substantial habits with meaningful effects on our character, decisions, and ultimately, our quality of life?

This is the Topic examined in our experiential seminar! Hit the “Experience” tab above to read all about the dialectic games and activities that unravel in your day.

Want to read more about this Topic? Here’s our insight on the matter.

The structure of the day follows the typical lifestyle of an Athenian, however the content of your day brings to light all of your personal behavioral traits. The true nature of your habits. Between closely huddled coffee shops, cobbled streets and resident ancient ruins, you’ll be considering the many ways you choose to behave in a day. How do you greet someone new? How do you react to stress? How do you resolve conflict? Do you have a tendency to act a certain way? Do you have the habit of staying quiet? Being outlandish? Perhaps being rash? Or have you honed the habit of remaining calm?

Guided by a Sophia’s Best Mentor, you will move passed the material act of a habit and understand the immaterial qualities your choice of behavior reveals. In our cleverly-constructed Dialectic Games, you’ll spontaneously and smoothly shift your way of thinking. Where habits once were automatically repeated actions, they are now the daily chances to give shape to the quality of who you truly are. They are the daily choices and opportunities to lead a life that represents you and fulfills you.

Our Dialectic Games are created in a way for you to;

  • recognize spontaneous behaviors of habit and accentuate your daily choice-making processes
  • evaluate the qualitative nature of your behavioral patterns and the character they come to define
  • challenge your habits by placing you in new or different situations
  • practice finding measure in your behaviors and the patterns they develop
  • redirect your habits into energetic cycles of choices, actions, character-development, and positive life progression

Local Mentors present the opportunities to step into your habits. From the brothers who make the streets smell of bread to the gentleman selling vegetables and life-long wishes, these are the locals that bring meaning and value to the neighborhood. The way they choose to think about their produce, choose to behave around the people they welcome into their stores, to the way they choose to speak and connect with you, is all a testament of how daily habitual choices produce quality. A sense of quality that seeps through the simple choices of how you say hello into the larger choices of how you evaluate keeping your job. Your day is filled with challenges and tasks set between Koukaki’s homes and Plaka’s tangled streets. Every challenge will bring you closer to Local Mentors, but even closer to recognizing all the hidden habits embedded in a day.

Noticing and bringing value to the simple reoccurring choices of behavior; the moments whose slightest change could perpetuate an even greater movement of forward momentum.

roman agora, athens, truth

Quite like the qualities hidden behind your actions and choices, there lays a hidden garden in the middle of the city center: Zappeion. What were once the Royal Gardens are now the National Gardens and your arena to endeavor into the qualities behind your habits. Peering into the values and character traits behind your actions, but more importantly, the reasoning and way of thinking behind your choices.  Dialectic Games will send you hurrying through earthy paths under a canopy of Greek and worldly trees. Collecting clues for future activities but also evaluating how you practice your inner qualities in your habitual choices.  More specifically, how you energize your inner qualities by practicing measure in your choices. In the way you solve a riddle, what is your path of reason? What factors do you see? How do you draw a conclusion? How do you choose to act upon it? More importantly, what do your choices of action reveal about you? Is it confidence in your decision-making process? Or competitiveness? Is it curiosity in your conversations? Or insecurity? Is it openness in your connections? Or sociability? Is the quality you’re engaging in balance with yourself and the situation?

Every situation is an opportunity of choice. To choose the way we behave. To choose the way we express and develop our character. What will be your choice, on this Athenian day? As you walk under pergola beams filled with bougainvillea leaves, will your actions represent the real you? Will you practice measure in your decisions? Will you shift your pattern of behavior?

Every behavior represents the countless opportunities we’ve given shape to; the reoccurring choices that carve out our meaning, and the continuous actions that create value for ourselves and others.

We are what we repeatedly do. We are our thinking patterns, our behavioral tendencies, and our cumulative decisions. And as the agents of our lives, we have the potentiality to energize our behaviors through the choices we make; to find measure, invigorate our lives and propel ourselves forward. As you walk the city’s streets and slip into Athenian habits, you’ll start to recognize the potentiality of your own. And by the time the sun cools into the moon and the Parthenon begins to glow, you’ll realize how you can energize your personal balance, and how it can energize you.

What is Included

  • This experiential seminar has been specifically structured and designed in a way that embodies the thinking processes characteristic of the Path “Energize”, whilst the Topic Personal Balance is at the heart of your experience.
  • A Sophia’s Best Mentor accompanies you throughout the day to reveal an insight on this Topic as it exists in the environment around you and within you.
  • Dialectic Games and Activities that work hand-in-hand with the illustrative activities to stimulate your mind and animate the insight as an experience.
  • The experience runs for one full day in Athens’ historical center.
  • Each day is filled with illustrative activities inspired by the people, culture and environment of this seminar’s location. Each activity serves as an opportunity to gain insight on the Topic and challenge your way of thinking authentically and naturally.
  • We spend the entire day together. As such, every moment is organized in detail and provided for in full; from activities to food and beverages. We’ve made sure your appetite (intellectually, emotionally and gastronomically) is well taken care of.
  • Expert locals welcoming you into their homes, trades and crafts
  • Local practices and activities, include but are not limited to;
    • An honest experience of the local lifestyle;
      from the tempo of our day and what we do to
      the way we tread the city by foot
    • Immersion into authentic Athenian neighborhoods;
      walk through Koukaki, Plaka, Thiseio and Monastiraki
    • Discovery of often overlooked local life;
      from neighborhood plateias and tucked away bakeries to hidden bars in the city center
    • Insights from Local Mentors in their local stores
    • Treasure hunt in Zappeion National Gardens
    • Excursion into Athenian nightlife for rooftop wine
  • Morning coffee at local coffee shop
  • Baked goods and hefty snacks from authentic local stores
  • One large special dinner; designed to fully gratify your appetite for food and conversation
  • Dessert and drinks at city center rooftop bar 
  • All meals are authentically Greek made with local produce
  • Local beverages; including wine

What is not Included

Our original price does not include transportation and accommodation. Excluding these factors from our original price leaves room for flexibility around your personal needs and budget. Perhaps you already have a car or prefer a van? Maybe you enjoy luxury hotels or prefer local homes? It is up to you.

Although we do not provide these services, we collaborate with authentic accommodation and local transportation providers in each region. There are multiple options at hand, so we can decide together upon a choice that respects your personal needs and budget.

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