The Seminar

For two days, you will explore the mountain slopes and sea shores of Southern Peloponnese to recognize all the choices of behavior that usually go unnoticed; from keeping quiet or sharing outlandish stories, to leading the mountain hike or lingering last. Our activities are affected by weather and change depending on the season. The experiences you see below are designed for the summer, however, we have winter alternatives prepared. Irrespective of nature’s varieties and changing seasons, the insight remains as valuable as ever. 

Southern Peloponnese is a field of excesses and differences co-existing in balance. She serves as the perfect example to inspire you. Allowing you to reveal your inner qualities, observe your behavioral habits, explore how to pull and release the reigns on your qualities, and recognize which course of action is in good measure.

Life – hectic, complicated and ever so vague – can feel like the most difficult journey to walk along.  We work effortlessly to maintain a certain quality of living that, more often than not, feels forced upon us. As though there were a certain expectation or singular standard we should all work towards. We are constantly pushed and pulled by everyone’s different definitions of that standard; trying to maintain the right amount of work ethic, the right amount of sociability, the right amount of anxiety, the right amount of politeness, the right amount of spontaneity, etc. Constantly tugged left or right, it’s difficult to find personal balance. To find control and the confidence that you are leading the best life for yourself.

But how do we do that? Is it a matter of balancing your work life and private life? Splitting your time equally across your friends and relationships? Hobbies and responsibilities? Or is the balance we’re looking for addressing something deeper? Is it a balance in accordance with our character? Harmony between our actions and our needs? A pendulum swinging between the demands of a situation and our personal abilities? How do we explore and find our personal balance?

This is the Topic examined in our experiential seminar! Hit the “Experience” tab above to read all about the dialectic games and activities that unravel in your two days.

Want to read more about this Topic? Here’s our insight on the matter.

The experiential seminar is designed in a way that allows you to engage in reflection spontaneously without having to forcefully rationalize in a formal environment. This is why discussions and activities take place in the whole duration of each day, as they unfold, naturally. You will gain awareness of the intricacies involved in making evaluations and choices as these relate to yourself and others. The objective is to make you realize the process of thinking, the role of unsaid emotions and character traits in determining behavior – in other words to explore personal balance and discover the benefits of mesotita.

You’ll realize that every moment is a choice to act a certain way and how every behavior is an opportunity to exercise measure (mesotita) and define your sense of personal balance. 

Sophia’s Best Dialectic Games introduce you to the thinking processes involved in practicing measure. Prompting you to explore how you find balance between the nature of a given situation and the nature of your character: 

  • Each activity draws attention to your true habits; your tendency to behave, react or think a certain way.
  • You will explore the nature of each habit; why have you developed this habit? What does it mean about your character?
  • Depending on the profile of your group (you’re family, friends or colleagues), you will be presented with different situations involving choice.
  • You will evaluate how to make choices in measure; how you align the qualities of your character with the needs of the situation.
  • Recognize your patterns of behavior in your choices; detecting your personal excess and deficiencies. 

Between the forestry of Mani and waterfalls of Messinia, Local Mentors will help you observe the way nature freely grows within measure of her character. As you pull back curtains of greenery and tread narrow trails, you will explore the balance between the qualities of your own nature. Witnessing the way character is actualized in behavior. Noticing the way you choose to interact with your environment, recognizing your choices and becoming aware of your actions towards others as well as yourself.  

Do you choose to walk quickly or slowly stride between trees? Do you notice the vegetation around you? Do you dip your body into cold falling waters? Do you tiptoe on rocks to cross streams or slip off your shoes and tread through water? There is no universal right or wrong choice of behavior, but there is the “best” option for you; the one that expresses the measure of your personal qualities. The one that addresses your real needs in relation to the demands of the situation. 

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Venturing into little fields, backyard groves and vegetable patches of local homes, you can play in the breadth of behavior. As you hike around Taygetos Mountain base or trek in her ravines, you also explore the thinking process involved in every choice of behavior. Paying attention to the subtle behaviors that develop into habitual patterns representative of your true self

As you cycle through seaside towns or swim in neighboring coves, you ignite your awareness of the nature of your habits and the degree to which they provide you with a sense of balance. With the guidance of Sophia’s Best and Local Mentors, you will practice how to find measure by evaluating your needs and qualities in relation to the demands of the situations in your experience of living. 

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With a collection of observations and thoughts, you end every day with a dinner. Food is integral to each of our seminars as it opens our appetite to eat, talk and connect. As the sea laps against a pier or the sun melts between chestnut trees, you share your insights of the day. Experiencing the rewards of cultivating within measure as you indulge in local organic goods and produce. Biting into river-cooled watermelons, you will taste the juicy freshness that comes from nature’s balance, smell the distinct difference of each of her aromas and savor a diversity of flavors that couldn’t come to life without the practice of measure 

And as the day slips away and the night rises to greet you, you will feel that you can find the balance within you. That you can better yourself and create a life most fulfilling.

Although mastering the art of mesotita is tricky, it can free and uplift your experience of living.

What is Included

  • This experiential seminar has been specifically structured and designed in a way that embodies the thinking processes characteristic of the Path “Explore”, whilst the Topic Measure” is at the heart of your experience. 
  • A Sophia’s Best Mentor accompanies you throughout the day to reval an insight on this Topic as it exists in the environment around you and within you.
  • Dialectic Games and Activities that work hand-in-hand with the illustrative activities to stimulate your mind and animate the insight as an experience.
  • The experience unravels from morning to evening for two full days.
  • Each day is filled with illustrative activities inspired by the people, culture and environment of this program’s location. Each activity serves as an opportunity to gain insight on the Topic and challenge your way of thinking authentically and naturally.
  • We spend the entire day and evening together. As such, every moment is organized in detail and provided for in full; from activities to food and beverages. We’ve made sure your appetite (intellectually, emotionally and gastronomically) is well taken care of.
  • Expert locals welcoming you into their homes, trades and crafts
  • Local practices and activities, include but are not limited to;
    • Pioneering into five different locations across Mani and Messinia in Southern Peloponnese
    • Hiking into the tangled forestry at the base of Mt. Taygetos 
    • Swimming in the pools of neighboring coves 
    • Venturing towards secret waterfalls  
    • Cycling along the hidden paths of a coastal town 
    • Walk between the sweet chestnut trees of a family grove
  • Snacks and coffee on the road
  • Two special lunches and two dinners hosted in local tavernas
  • A fairytale final meal in local chestnut grove
  • All meals are authentically Greek made with local, organic produce 
  • Local beverages; including wine 

What is not Included

Our original price does not include accommodation nor transportation. Excluding these factors from our original price leaves room for flexibility around your personal needs and budget. Perhaps you already have a car or prefer a van? Maybe you enjoy luxury hotels or prefer local homes? It is up to you.

Although we do not provide these services, we collaborate with authentic accommodation and local transportation providers in each region. There are multiple options at hand, so we can decide together upon a choice that respects your personal needs and budget.

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