The Paths

Paths reflect the different, yet connected, ways we cultivate our mind in bettering ourselves. 

Each Path embraces a different approach to how you think, how you come to understand reality and create meaning in your life.

Don’t worry! The path you choose does not limit which Topics you can experience. In fact you’ll often find the same Topic across different Paths. That’s because the Path only affects how we approach the Topic – the method – but not the actual Topic itself.

Which Path will you take?


Understanding meaning represents the “process of reasoning”. We find true meaning when we learn to differentiate between tangible and non-tangible, purpose and consequence.


Purposeful goals represent purposeful actions. Within the Ef Zin philosophy of life, we need to cultivate our reasoning and develop an awareness of the true purpose of our actions (our true needs and feelings) as well as the nature of the benefits (goals) we expect they will bring about.


Making choices is the energy that propels us forward in cultivating a true sense of self. We like to believe that in most cases we don’t have alternative choices. But where we find ourselves is the result of the goals we choose to set and the actions we choose to undertake in achieving them.


Realize the nature of your thoughts – as yours – and the beneficial results of exploring them.

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