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how to develop a dynamic creative process

Complimenting the path Explorewhich focuses on how you absorb meaning, “Create” seminars have you observe the thinking processes involved in your output of meaning; your outward creation of meaning. We live life by creating; we build a home, we develop new relationships, we put in motion plans for our future, we bring into being new ideas, we initiate action to resolve problems, we work effortlessly to give life to our hopes and aspirations. But how meaningful is what we create? What is the value of what we create in fulfilling our true needs?

The state of being, and likewise wellbeing, is enlivened and propelled by continuous creation.

Our thinking directs the way we set goals and define purpose in everything we create; large or small.  Goals represent “what” we want – the “end” of our creative process – and purpose represents “why” we want it – the “beginning”. Purpose is rooted in our personal needs – security, acceptance, confidence, self-esteem and many more. Creative goals are the means through which we satisfy our needs; each of us in our own personal way. In the way we create friendships and families or create job opportunities and holiday plans; there is purpose and intention behind the “final” act. However, the progression of our purpose isn’t as linear as we expect, and the nature of our goals isn’t as static as we’ve been taught.

We tend to concentrate too much on the shape of our final goal and overlook the way meaning is created within the actual process of creating.

Creating meaning is an on going process that evolves as we develop and we develop as it evolves. Don’t look for a “final” destination in anything you do. Move with a direction in mind, but no end in sight. Concentrate on the way your actions authentically unravel to meet your needs. Let your purpose push your decisions forward and forge your path, rather than being pulled by a predetermined final idea. By emphasizing the meanings and value of the present moment, you give yourself space to cultivate new meaning freely and allow opportunities to naturally present themselves as a result of the energies you’ve exerted. Developing a cyclical process of creating; feeding into your sense of being through your experiences and moving forward with your learnings. Arriving at a quality of today that’s been created freely and unrestricted; guided by purpose and fulfilling a goal that exists in the present continuous.

What you Get From Create Seminars

How to define purpose in what you create.

Your purpose or intention is what drives and guides your creative process. Discover how to recognize your true purpose by first understanding the personal needs you wish to address with the meaning you create.

How to break the linearity of goals

Goals may be the “end” you want but they are not finite and definitely not concrete. Open your process of creating and develop a dynamic way of thinking. Lead with purposeful actions that evolve into meaningful ends and beginnings.

How to evaluate the meaning of what you create.

Evaluate your learnings and draw practical wisdom from your every choice and decision made in the creative process. Understand the meaning you’ve created and realize the true value of the act of creating.

Discover how to create meaning


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How To Create Real Goals

For 1 day in Athens, play in the world of cooking and discover how to create real goals that lead to a meaningful life....


Your daily life is more than a series of completed tasks. It is the field of opportunities to create  meaning for yourself and others.

Goals represent what we aim for, the benefits we expect as a result of our actions. The true meaning of the benefits we work for, rests in the need they come to fulfill; the purpose. For example, a new promotion at work may represent security, knowledge, sense of empowerment,  or comfort in the money gained. The series of actions we undertake reflects the way we energize ourselves in making choices and decisions. Do we choose to be friendly, cooperative, truthful, open or reserved in our behavior? Actions are the ingredients of the whole process; the acts through which we express our feelings and needs. They are, therefore, the true indicators of self and purpose. They are real and truthful in the meaning they create. When we examine our actions we become aware of what we create; the significance of the results in fulfilling our purpose, as well as, how they were brought about. Of course, we may miss fulfilling our needs when our expectations (the goals we set) do not represent them; these are goals that act as purpose and misguide us. But, we succeed by understanding why we fail in the process of creating meaning for ourselves.

How do you create? think about it.
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“The quality of life is determined by its activities.” Aristotle

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