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how to define a path in life that you own

Establishing concrete goals and a clear sense of purpose can be challenging for many of us. Even when we successfully attain our objectives, we may feel a sense of emptiness or lack of direction. This confusion arises from a fundamental misunderstanding of the distinction between goals and purpose and how they shape the life we create for ourselves.

Goals are the tangible milestones we set for ourselves, providing structure and direction. Purpose, on the other hand, reflects the intangible reasons that underlie our decision-making and guide the actions we take in meeting our objectives. Understanding this difference is imperative for cultivating a fulfilling and purpose-driven life.

Goals represent “what” we want, and purpose represents “why” we want it.

Our Create experiential seminars aim to help you understand how to set goals in finding purpose. We guide you in moving away from the conventional methods of how to achieve goals and instead focus on how to identify purpose so that you can set and achieve goals in a way that is meaningful to you.

“It is their character indeed that makes people who they are. But it is by reason of their actions that they are happy or the reverse.” Aristotle 

Concentrate on the purpose of the actions that are the building blocks of your goals. Purpose is the reason that determines the goals we set as we move forward in life. We tend to concentrate on long-term goals and forget to evaluate the significance of the actions we take in reaching our objectives. But are the actions we take over time aligned with our purpose? Ef Zin concentrates on the present because that is where meaning is created: in the reasons that drive our actions every moment of every day. Creating meaning is an ongoing process that evolves as we develop, and we develop as it evolves. The more we learn to navigate through the choices we make,  the better we become at defining and achieving a life with purpose.

Our Create Seminars Offer Insight On

How to define purpose in the goals you set.

Defining purpose is not a matter of setting priorities but a process of recognizing your needs and defining their true nature. Explore your personal qualities to identify the reasons and the purpose of the goals you set.

How to evaluate the linearity of your goals.

Setting goals should be an open path to fulfilling your purpose. Evaluate the purpose and examine the actions you take in fulfilling it, making sure that what you set out to achieve remains true to why you wish to achieve it.

How to find meaning in the goals you achieved.

Achieving a goal may prove to be unfulfilling. Evaluate the wisdom gained in the experience of your achievement. Explore your learnings, and, with purpose in mind, continue your journey in life with a renewed sense of self..

Discover how to create purposeful goals


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How To Create Real Goals

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Your daily life is not just a series of tasks. It is where you create meaning for yourself and others through purposeful actions that fulfill your need for personal value.

Goals represent what we aim for, the benefits we expect as a result of our actions. The true meaning of the benefits we work for, rests in the need they come to fulfill; the purpose. For example, a new promotion at work may represent security, knowledge, sense of empowerment,  or comfort in the money gained. The series of actions we undertake reflects the way we energize ourselves in making choices and decisions. Do we choose to be friendly, cooperative, truthful, open or reserved in our behavior? Actions are the ingredients of the whole process; the acts through which we express our feelings and needs. They are, therefore, the true indicators of self and purpose. They are real and truthful in the meaning they create. When we examine our actions we become aware of what we create; the significance of the results in fulfilling our purpose, as well as, how they were brought about. Of course, we may miss fulfilling our needs when our expectations (the goals we set) do not represent them; these are goals that act as purpose and misguide us. But, we succeed by understanding why we fail in the process of creating meaning for ourselves.

“The quality of life is determined by its activities.” Aristotle

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