Personalized Seminars


Your way of thinking is personal to you, so your Seminar should be too!

Although our Introductory and Advanced experiential seminars are all extremely personal and human, we knew it was important to create an additional option that was even more personalized to your individual needs and thinking processes.

Would you like your seminar to explore a Topic other than the ones we currently offer? Have you seen our seminar on Balance and would like it to take place in a different location? Perhaps you have budget considerations and would like control of both transportation and accommodation? Would you like to extend the duration? Maybe you’ve already organized a visit to Greece and would like a Sophia’s Best seminar to fit into your schedule? Conditions allowing, we could bring the seminar to you.

If we were to compare our experiential seminars to a story, the Topic with is Dialectic Games are its core idea. It is constant, never-changing and defines the rest. Where as the setting, time and plot are flexible to change. The same is to be said of our locations, durations, and Illustrative Activities. Personalized seminars give you total control over your experience without jeopardizing the insight you gain from it. In fact, it enhances your immersion into the story.

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