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Explore, Introductory, Realness, ,

How To Explore The Real You

For 2 days, Aigialeia will be an example of authenticity. Witness and experience what it means to explore the real you....

Energize, Introductory, Love, ,

How to Energize your Love

For 7 days sail on Ionian blues or journey the mountain slopes of Mani to rediscover how you can energize your love....

Advanced, Philosophize, Truth, ,

How to Philosophize on Truth

Spend 2 days philosophizing on the nature of truth as you venture into Athens and search for the city’s true identity....

Advanced, Balance, Explore, ,

How To Explore Personal Balance

For 2 days, in the mountain slopes and sea shores of Southern Peloponnese you explore the benefits of personal balance....

Energize, Ideals, Introductory, ,

How to Energize Your Ideals

For 1 day in Piraeus, Rembetiko music will help you recognize how to energize your reality when you energize your ideals....

Create, Introductory, Realness, ,

How To Create Real Goals

For 1 day in Athens, play in the world of cooking and discover how to create real goals that lead to a meaningful life....

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