It’s Not About What Makes Life Meaningful. It’s How You Think About The Meaning Of Your Life.

What Kind of a Thinker are you?

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Re-think your thinking.

Don’t challenge your views on life but question the way you develop them.

We will be your mentors.

Better yourself by bettering your way of thinking, with Ef Zin. Our experiential programs provide you with insight on your system of thought and the way you approach the issues that make up your experience of living. With the Ef Zin guide on ‘How To’ sharpen your reasoning, you can empower yourself in your life’s journey.

“The actuality of thought is life.”  Aristotle

what you get

Our Ef Zin programs challenge your system of thought by examining four paths of thinking.


How to define the meaning of your experiences by exploring
the nature of meaning.

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How to energize your life course by making choices that become meaningful possibilities.

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How to create a  meaningful path in life by setting goals with a personal purpose.

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How to draw meaning from your experiences by evaluating your personal learnings.

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Our Programs
are for everyone.


Programs designed for those of you who would like to get a taste of the benefits involved in bettering your process of thinking.


Programs designed for those of you who are more inquisitive on the matters of good living and have prior knowledge or experience.


Programs designed to fit your personal needs. You may choose topics, duration and location. At an introductory or advanced level.

There is no “classroom” narration in our programs.

Programs are experiential with respective cultural, artistic or nature-based activities that stimulate your thinking. Programs are of varying duration and take place in different locations of Greece throughout the year

Why our Ef Zin programs are meaningful to you

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How Our Programs Are Structured

You examine the same Topic (Truth, Realness, Personal Balance, and more) under different Paths. One complements the other, providing you with insight into the way you think and how that influences your interpretation of the Topic.

Each program is composed of Dialectic games, signature of Sophia’s Best and other illustrative activities (physical, cultural, culinary). A Sophia’s Best Mentor guides you throughout the program accompanied by Local Mentors who share the wisdom of their craft.

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Choose your path and find a program that will energize the way you think!


Discover Programs In This Path


Discover Programs In This Path


Discover Programs In This Path


Discover Programs In This Path

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