Be Part Of The Ef Zin Perspective

We want to build partnerships with teams of people who share the same passion as us: empowering the individual potential to create a meaningful life.

Quality of life is the result of human thought and work. It is propelled by ideas, processed by reasoning, passed on by practices and left behind as experiential benefits. We have the inherent human ability to produce fresh thought, to develop concepts, recognize value and create meaning. It is this immaterial activity that makes up the fabric of our reality. We are responsible for the life we create for ourselves and those of us who may be more privileged than others should bear this responsibility at a much greater degree. The potential for a meaningful life, is real. If we actively exercise our critical thinking, evaluate our choices and participate in creating meaningful opportunities that safeguard the quality of life.

Our aim is to create a community that promotes fresh thought on how we define quality and meaning in life. We want to create an environment that mobilizes the individual to actualize their potentiality and create meaning for themselves and others. We’re looking for partners who share a similar passion and philosophy; however you may express it in your field/practice.

Our partners may include; individuals or groups of people with specific interests, organizations and institutions with a vivid interest in promoting quality of living and well-being, and a strong orientation towards a humanistic approach that is participatory and all-inclusive.

If you share our ideas and philosophy of life, please contact us at:

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