“Only when we develop our truly human capacities sufficiently to achieve this human excellence will we have lives blessed with happiness.”  Aristotle

Elizabeth Glaros, Founder

Sophia’s Best is the result of 35 years of experience in Qualitative research and Discourse Analysis as one of the founders and Managing Partners of The WorkShop; a business development company. I am a cognitive psychologist and semiotician with an MSc in Applied Psychology. This is why our approach has always focused on the human element, exploring the significance of thought in defining our reality, determining choices, setting a path for action, and ultimately leading to inevitable results.

Throughout my years of conducting research, I have had the pleasure of engaging in constructive discussions with a diverse group of people from all walks of life. One recurring theme that has emerged from these discussions is that despite the progress we have made, we continue to face significant challenges on a human level.

Many of us feel misunderstood, and even though we have the freedom to express ourselves, we find little room for true self-expression. We are often fearful when we think about the future, and despite our material comforts, many of us feel disconnected, isolated, and without a clear purpose. We may be clear about what we want but less about why we want it, making fulfillment a challenge.

Maybe in our effort to have more of life, we forgot how we can make it better; we lost sight of the difference between economic (material) development and personal growth, between the objects we use and the purpose for using them, between the words and symbols we adopt to create an image of ourselves and our true sense of being. Unfortunately, we don’t take enough time to explore the make-up of our reality. We search for quick results overlooking the processes that bring them about.  

While modern thinkers focus more on defining what constitutes a meaningful existence, classical thinkers, notably Aristotle, focus on how we can actualize a life of value, providing a method through which we can evaluate our thoughts and, therefore, our choices and actions in achieving fulfilling results. There are no prescribed moulds or preconceived endpoints; one’s true self is the sole compass. However, finding your true self, the essence of Ef Zin’s well-being, is an ongoing process of self-discovery guided by a cultivated mind.  

“Be a free thinker and don’t accept everything you hear as truth. Be critical and evaluate what you believe in.” Aristotle 

I have seen first-hand how our ability to interpret and create meaning for ourselves and others can have a profound impact in real life. It is incredibly empowering when we use it constructively based on our true sense of self. However, those who accept the meanings created by others without true consideration may find it harder to grow personally as they fail to recognize their true potential. 

We find meaning and purpose in life when we evaluate the ingredients that make it up. A sharper way of thinking results in better evaluations, more meaningful choices, and, therefore, more purposeful actions. We become better at owning our life by becoming wiser, and we become wiser when we connect with ourselves and others, when we reflect, examine, question, and define the meaning and value of things. Ef Zin reminds us that we have the inherent human potential to create a life of meaning and value as long as we choose to pursue it with a clear and energetic mind.

"True happiness comes from gaining insight and growing into your best possible self." Aristotle

Once we peel back that material film, we discover a world of substance filled with meaningful moments, truthful relationships, purposeful actions and valuable experiences. Beyond the physical tools at our disposal, we, as humans, beyond our tangible tools, possess the unique ability to think and bring all the potentialities of our reality to fruition.

So, let us not take things for granted. Let us rediscover the true meaning of things and, if need be, redefine those things that are significant to our personal growth. Sharpen your way of thinking to gain personal wisdom (Sophia, “σοφία”) and bring out the Best in you. We are here to do this together. This is our purpose.

It has taken five years to develop Sophia’s Best – it hasn’t been easy, but it has been a great experience. Dear colleagues and friends have contributed a great deal in managing to untangle my thoughts and test ideas. My daughters have become my partners as young professionals and thinkers challenging and assisting the expression of our philosophy. 

I am also particularly grateful to the people I have discovered whilst traveling throughout Greece. They have been my biggest inspiration as they were the window into witnessing Ef Zin in praxis. They showed me what it means to cultivate a life between the polars of our human paradox. How to laugh in dealing with grief, feel fear in being bold, and find meaning in the seemingly simple. How to argue only to find relief, show humility to find strength, see the brightness in the darkness of a cloudy day, and connect with others to find our true selves. 

I want to share the tolerance with which Ef Zin accepts our imperfections, the maturity with which it embraces our weaknesses, the pride with which it acknowledges our strengths, and most importantly, the sheer joy and delicious empowerment it provides in teaching us how to be human.


The team

You will soon find out more about the whole team, especially the mentors who support me in the Programs. For the time being, take a peek at some of the people who have been close to me in creating what you see as Sophia’s Best today.

Daphne Cavadias

Visual Artist

Dione Cavadias

Writer & Editor

Daeira Cavadias

Junior Executive

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