Own your thinking, own your life

Knowing how your mind works enables you to give it meaningful direction.

These Topics reflect the different folds of life that shape our sense of being and sense of self. Love, truth, realness, personal balance or communication are all issues that often trouble our thoughts and affect our quality of living. We seek real advice with meaningful results on how to approach these topics. The quick and linear solutions we are used to receiving tend to be short-lived as they are not qualitative nor account for our individuality. The Ef Zin approach doesn’t provide you with an answer on what to do as a solution, but rather how to think in order to form your own meaningful solutions. You gain insight on how to shift your way of thinking and evaluate your process of reasoning so that you may create sustainable solutions.

Through these Topics, we try to provide an understanding of the works of the mind. Of course examining our own thoughts is not an easy task. This is why our seminars are experiential in illustrating the shift in reasoning. With the help of our Mentors, the activities in each seminar allows you to bring your thoughts to the forefront and realize the power they hold in defining your experiences.

The better you become at processing your experiences the better you also become at finding answers that are suitable to your needs and that allow you to move forward in a way that is meaningful to you. Knowing how your mind works enables you to give it meaningful direction.

Revisit life's topics and renovate your reasoning.

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