From Wise Thinking to Well Being


At Sophia’s Best, we define wellbeing by looking at the quality that distinguishes our human state of being: our thinking. Our thinking is the source of our actions and consequently the make up of our experience of living. In order to experience good quality living, you have to examine the quality of your thinking. Only by owning the way you think, can you own your actions and own your life.

Our mission is to empower your irrefutable potential to think well and, therefore, live well.

We provide experiential seminars, especially designed to help you become aware of your way of thinking. Each seminar is devoted to unearthing the thinking processes surrounding a specific life Topic. How do you discern true love? How do you act upon realness? How do you find balance in your life? How do you resolve problems weighing on your values? How do you evaluate the truth?

Re-think your thinking. Discover how to activate your personal wisdom (“σοφία”, Sophia) and bring out your Best in the life you create.

Who you are is the result of how you think. Your thinking is the invisible thread that pulls you forward. It is the energy of action, and therefore, the space where you can ignite change. Beyond the material content of your thoughts, is an entire ecosystem of thinking processes and dynamics that have the potential to inspire forward movement. The quality of your reasoning defines the quality of your decision making and, therefore, the degree to which you learn to create meaning and value out of life. Grasp the potential of your thinking, give it direction and see where it can take you.

Inspired by Ef Zin – a perspective rooted in Aristotelian thought – our experiential seminars challenge your thinking system. Ef Zin is about how to think – reason – rather than what to think.  How to develop a thought process that enhances your ability to make wise choices in a way that reflects your unique qualities as personalities and individual sense of self.

Four Different Paths of Thinking

Investigate the different ways you interpret and create meaning

Our experiential seminars are organized into four distinct paths of thinking; each one accentuating a specific branch of your system of reason. There isn’t only one path to approaching life’s Topics. The nature of meaning is multi-dimensional and non-linear; to recognize its value requires a dynamic and energized way of reasoning. Ef Zin’s reasoning focuses on distinguishing qualitative features from their material expressions. In an effort to convey this – in an applicable and enjoyable way – we’ve broken down the thinking system into four parts: Explore, Create, Energize, Philosophize.


how to interpret and understand the meanings behind material expressions


how to activate your personal qualities and instigate meaningful actions


how to develop a dynamic and open creative process with purposeful goals


how to form meaningful ideas that give direction and lead to wise choices

Take on the ef zin approach

Our Most Recent Experiential Seminars
Explore, Introductory, Realness, ,

How To Explore The Real You

For 2 days, Aigialeia will be an example of authenticity. Witness and experience what it means to explore the real you....

Energize, Introductory, Love, ,

How to Energize your Love

For 7 days sail on Ionian blues or journey the mountain slopes of Mani to rediscover how you can energize your love....

Advanced, Philosophize, Truth, ,

How to Philosophize on Truth

Spend 2 days philosophizing on the nature of truth as you venture into Athens and search for the city’s true identity....

Advanced, Balance, Explore, ,

How To Explore Personal Balance

For 2 days, in the mountain slopes and sea shores of Southern Peloponnese you explore the benefits of personal balance....

Energize, Ideals, Introductory, ,

How to Energize Your Ideals

For 1 day in Piraeus, Rembetiko music will help you recognize how to energize your reality when you energize your ideals....

Create, Introductory, Realness, ,

How To Create Real Goals

For 1 day in Athens, play in the world of cooking and discover how to create real goals that lead to a meaningful life....


Energize Your Way of Thinking

Own Your Way of Living

Our seminars are entirely based on immersive experiences and games created on the principal that you can only energize your thinking through interaction and action. As such, everything is an experience set in different locations of Greece throughout the year.

There is no “classroom” narration in our seminars. Each seminar is composed of dialectic games, signature of Sophia’s Best, as well as illustrative activities (physical, cultural, creative, culinary, etc.). Both allow you to understand and explore your system of thought through experience; when you are actively engaged in thinking.

Sophia’s Best Mentors guide you throughout the seminar to foster your understanding of the Ef Zin way of reasoning. They are joined by Local Mentors who illustrate insights through the techne of their craft and allow you to enjoy the fruits of their wisdom. 

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In our seminars get insight on the Ef Zin ‘How To’ create a meaningful quality of living. Learn how to:

  • Engage with the quality of your own thinking processes.
  • Distinguish immaterial qualities from their material counterparts.
  • Look for the “why’s” and “how’s” behind “what” you see and experience.
  • Focus on quality and distinguish value .
  • Move away from linear reasoning and develop dynamic reasoning.
  • Evaluate the integrity and cohesiveness of your reasoning.
  • Recognize the interactive and multi-leveled web of meaning.
  • Open your thinking-circuit to include your environment and others.
  • Feed your system of thought with meaningful stimuli.
  • Translate good thinking into purposeful actions.
  • Take ownership of your thinking and direct your life choices.


“The actuality of thought is life.”