From Wise Thinking to Well Being


For those of you searching for more that gives meaning to life, the Ef Zin approach will show you the way. Ef Zin is an ancient Greek term meaning “living well” as opposed to just “living,” which represents a humanistic view of life as empowering in our pursuit of happiness. “There is one end [aim] we all have – not in virtue of being rational, but simply in virtue of being human – and that is happiness,” Aristotle said.

Our mission is to empower your potential to think well and, therefore, live well.

Our approach to well-being is rooted in the Ef Zin philosophy of classical thinkers, notably Aristotle. At Sophia’s Best, we believe that the instrument of our well-being can be no other than the quality of our character, as that is reflected in the quality of our thinking. Our thinking is the foundation upon which our decisions are made, our experiences are understood, and our personal wisdom is developed. Wise thinking involves exploring meaning, evaluating choices, examining actions taken in attaing goals and reflecting on the ideas we form as conclusions of our evaluations. We become the agents of the life we create as we develop a strong sense of self that can determine purpose and meaning. Your well-being is yours to discover. We help you understand how.

Re-think your thinking. Discover how to Cultivate your personal wisdom (“σοφία”, Sophia) and bring out your Best in the life you create.

How we explore, evaluate and create meaning is the focus of our experiential seminars. Realizing the nature of meaning is crucial in evaluating the truthfulness of what we are presented with or the accuracy of our understanding. In doing so, we can perceive, receive and appreciate all the layers of meaning embedded in our daily reality. At Sophias Best, we aim to help you cultivate a method of working through your experiences and ideas in ways that develop your personal wisdom (Sophia) and express your unique qualities as an individual, unlocking your potential: your Best.

Ef Zin Experiential Seminars

gain insight on how to explore the way you interpret and create meaning for yourself

Our experiential seminars are organized in two interrelated ways. To illustrate how our thinking works in an experiential way, we organize seminars around Topics that constitute the things we strive to solve, look for and wonder about in our experience of living:  for example, finding true love, discovering the real you, attaining personal balance, or understanding how to evaluate truth.

We examine Topics from different perspectives, which we refer to as Paths. These Paths allow us to approach a Topic in diverse ways and tackle its challenges effectively. There are four Paths: Explore, Create, Energize, Philosophize. The same Topic may be examined under different Paths, revealing the different ways this Topic may be approached and interpreted in a meaningful way.


how to find meaning in your experiences and discover what truly matters to you


how to activate yourself and move forward with choices that add value to your life


how to create purposeful goals for yourself and define a path in life you own


how to evaluate the ideas that guide your choices, making sure they are your own

Energize Your Way of Thinking

Own Your Way of Living

Our seminars are entirely based on immersive experiences and games created on the principle that you can only energize your thinking through interaction and action. Everything is an experience set in different locations in Greece throughout the year.

There is no “classroom” narration in our seminars. Each seminar comprises dialectic games, a signature of Sophia’s Best, as well as illustrative activities (physical, cultural, creative, culinary, etc.). Both allow you to understand and explore your system of thought through experience when you are actively engaged in thinking.

Sophia’s Best Mentors guide you throughout the seminar to foster your understanding of the Ef Zin way of reasoning. They are joined by Local Mentors who illustrate insights through the techne of their craft and allow you to enjoy the fruits of their wisdom. 

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“The actuality of thought is life.”