IMMERSE YOURSELF 5 Day Experiential Seminar THAT GUIDES YOU IN Finding Your Voice & EXPRESSING YOURSELF Confidently & Genuinely.

Our Dialectic Games are intertwined with Singing exercises to help you cultivate your inner and outer voices as you sharpen your thinking and ability to understand the real you. Whether it is in your social sphere or business environment, find your voice and gain insight into your true self. Convey who you are clearly and develop genuine interactions that enhance your confidence.

This experiential seminar is tailored to personal and professional objectives.

Our experiential seminar is designed to help you improve your ability to express yourself effectively and genuinely. Our expert Mentors guide you in learning to listen to your inner and outer voices and align them wisely into an authentic expression of yourself. You realise that you understand yourself better when you practice expressing your thoughts, feelings and aspirations. This self-knowledge allows you to develop your unique voice and express yourself confidently and clearly. We aim to show you that personal expression is a powerful process of self-discovery and meaningful interactions. It enables you to authentically navigate life’s challenges and joys through the power of your own voice.

Under the guidance of a Sophia’s Best Mentor, you will gain insight on:

  • how to define your thoughts
  • how to recognise the origin of your thoughts
  • how to understand the true meaning of your thoughts
  • how to explore your thoughts and realise what they say about you and others
  • how to organise your thoughts in expressing a clear view
  • how to recognise your personal style of expression
  • how to listen to your opinions and what they say about you
  • how to develop your thinking into generating new ideas
  • how to build your style into expressing the real you
  • how to structure your expression into a clear narrative
  • how to develop your ideas while discussing with others who hold opposing views
  • how to retain confidence in expressing yourself


To be conscious that we are perceiving or thinking is to be conscious of our own existence.


Our Mentor assists you in learning to express yourself by guiding you in understanding and harmonising your inner and outer voices. They help you interpret, organise and appreciate your thoughts, feelings, and aspirations, showing you how to articulate them authentically. You learn to refine your expression and realise the power of your voice as an expression of your true self.  By integrating insights from both voices under the mentor’s guidance, you develop a harmonious and authentic approach to self-expression, fostering meaningful connections and personal growth.

You learn to cultivate your reasoning, untangle your thoughts, and structure your ideas into clear narratives and arguments. In so doing, paving the way for greater self-awareness and personal growth while enhancing your ability to articulate your thoughts with clarity and conviction.

Sophia’s Best Dialectic games are fundamental in helping you reveal yourself and your thinking process in a natural and unobtrusive way. They help you understand what holds you back from expressing yourself and guide you in confidently articulating your thoughts and discussing your opinions. Finding your voice is about being true in your expressions. The better you understand what you want to say, the better you become at saying it.

We spend every day and evening together. As such, every moment is organised in detail and provided for in full, from activities to food and beverages. We’ve ensured your appetite (intellectually, emotionally and gastronomically) is well taken care of.


To enrich your learning experience, we have selected singing as an illustrative activity.

Just as everyone possesses the physical capability to produce sound, everyone has the potential to engage in reasoning and articulate their thoughts effectively. And just as singers refine their skills through practice and experimentation with different vocal techniques, you refine your reasoning abilities by exploring your thinking and organising your ideas. Both endeavours culminate in cultivating a unique and authentic voice, whether through the melody of a song or the clarity of reasoned expression, allowing you to communicate your thoughts and emotions effectively with clarity and conviction.

In the idyllic landscapes of Aigialeia, you embark on a vocal journey amidst nature’s splendour.

Beneath the shade of olive groves and citrus orchards, you find inspiration in the rustling leaves and the sweet fragrance of ripe fruit. Set against the backdrop of the mountains encircling Lake Tsivlou, your voices reverberate across the tranquil waters, while beneath the historic Monastery of Aghia Lavra, nestled amidst old vineyards, you harmonise with the rustling vines, your voices intertwining with the timeless rhythms of the land.

Singing Professionals enrich the experience by assisting you in discovering your voice in song, nurturing your vocal abilities, and guiding you in vocal technique and expression. They help you explore the emotional depth of music, allowing you to convey feelings and experiences through your singing. Through their expertise and support, you gain confidence in your voice, enhancing your ability to express yourself authentically and connect with others through the power of song.   

All meals are authentically Greek and made with local, organic produce. Local beverages, including wine, will accompany our discussions and meals.

The seminar is conducted in English or Greek.

The duration of this seminar is five days. However, the duration of the seminar can be extended to align with your objectives more accurately. The longer you allow yourself to explore your experiences, the better you realise how wise thinking enables you to develop your qualities into an empowered sense of self.

Aigialeia in the Peloponnese provides an idyllic backdrop for an experience centred around singing as a metaphor for self-expression. With its serene natural beauty and rich cultural heritage, the region’s tranquil surroundings, including vineyards, olive groves, and the majestic Mount Helmos, offer an inspiring setting for expression and creativity.

For this seminar, the minimum number of participants is four.

However, we encourage the participation of more people. The involvement of more participants amplifies the exchange of ideas and “voices”, offering a broader spectrum of expressions and experiences from which to draw inspiration. Engaging with a group fosters an environment of mutual encouragement, where you can refine your own expressions through observing and interacting with others.

We look forward to discussing and deciding the accommodation and transportation arrangements for the five-day seminar together. Your preferences and feedback are essential to meet your needs and expectations for a comfortable event experience.

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