JOIN US FOR A 6 Day Experiential Seminar & Cultivate Your Reasoning IN MAKING Meaningful Choices THAT PROVIDE OPPORTUNITIES FOR Personal Growth

In this seminar, we combine Dialectic Games with Improv Theatre, so you discover the richness of opportunities your choices provide in leading you to diverse destinations and pathways of life. Immerse in the experience and empower yourself by making wise choices that lead to fruitful ends.

This seminar can be tailored to personal and business objectives.

Our mentors will help you understand how to evaluate choices and recognise the opportunities they provide for pursuing your goals and fulfilling your needs. Be it personal or business needs. In our experiential seminar, you realise that choices are not isolated events with singular outcomes. Instead, each choice sets off a chain reaction of possibilities, leading to different experiences and outcomes. Cultivating your reasoning and your ability to explore the opportunities that choices entail allows you to make decisions that are meaningful to your personal growth. Our expert mentors help you embrace this understanding, making the process of decision-making dynamic and rich with potential.   

Under the guidance of a Sophia’s Best Mentor, you gain insight on:

  • how you recognise what is involved in a choice – the meaning of a choice
  • how you recognise the origin of your choices as yours
  • how you realise the opportunities your choices provide
  • how you determine the appropriate choice for the appropriate situation at the appropriate time and execute it in the appropriate manner
  • how you evaluate the limitations your choice places
  • how you realise that the way you act on your choice plays a role in the outcome of the choice
  • how you realise what is relevant to your needs and meaningful to personal growth
  • how you recognise what is non-relevant to your needs and in conflict with personal growth
  • how to turn an unwise choice into a wise opportunity


Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort and intelligent execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives - choice, not chance, determines your destiny.


For six days, a Sophia’s Best Mentor helps you explore the meaning of your choices and recognise the possibilities they provide in shaping your personal journey. By improving your ability to evaluate the meaning of your choices, you empower yourself to navigate life’s complexities with wisdom and purpose, making the most of every opportunity along the way.

Sophia’s Best Dialectic Games show you how you can evaluate the meaning of your choices in shaping the direction of your life to meet your needs and achieve your objectives. How to realise the significance of “small choices” in collectively steering you to “bigger choices” of greater importance and impact over time. By learning to evaluate the meaning embedded within each choice, small or big, you gain insight into how they contribute to more significant outcomes, enabling you to make adjustments and correct mistakes as you navigate situations more effectively and proactively shape your path in life.

Cultivate your thinking to navigate everyday choices with clarity and confidence and embrace the multitude of possibilities that unfold before you.

Your reasoning for making choices is fundamental to owning your life, as the freedom of making choices is the basis upon which you give direction and purpose to your personal growth.

We spend every day together. As such, every moment is organised in detail and provided for in full, from activities to food and beverages. We’ve ensured your appetite (intellectually, emotionally and gastronomically) is well taken care of.

Improv Theatre

Alongside our Dialectic Games you immerse in the creative process of “improv theatre.” This form of theatre relies on participants spontaneously creating scenes, dialogue, and characters without scripted material, resulting in dynamic and unpredictable outcomes.

Participating in improv theatre provides a tangible experience of how choices create opportunities with different outcomes, much like developing your personal story. This process helps you consider how your choices impact the storyline and character development, highlighting the importance of making wise decisions that align with the narrative and contribute to the overall story.

In the southeastern Peloponnese, improv theatre activities are uniquely integrated with the region’s natural landscapes and cultural traditions. Improvisational exercises are set against the backdrop of olive groves, vineyards, and scenic coastal cliffs, providing a picturesque and inspiring setting for creative expression. You embody characters and scenarios while traditional Greek music, dance and local cuisine offer a sensory experience that connects you to one another and your true self. And as the story unfolds, you discover how every choice contributes to creating the narrative of your personal story if you embrace life’s possibilities with wisdom and creativity.

Theatre experts facilitate the process by providing guidance, structure, and creative prompts to inspire you. Guided exercises and constructive feedback help you make wise choices that contribute to the narrative, emphasising the impact of decisions on character development and plot progression and leading you to deeper insights.    

All meals are authentically Greek and made with local, organic produce. Local beverages, including wine, will accompany our discussions and meals.

The seminar is conducted in English or Greek.

This seminar lasts six days at a time of your convenience. However, the duration of the seminar can be extended to align with your objectives more accurately. The longer you allow yourself to explore your experiences, the better you realise how wise thinking enables you to develop your qualities into an empowered sense of self.

This experiential seminar takes place in the southeastern Peloponnese. It is an exceptional environment to immerse in the complexities of choices and their impact on storytelling and self-awareness.

Four participants is the minimum number of participants required for this seminar.

Each person contributes to the narrative’s depth and richness, adding authenticity and complexity to the story created. With more participants, there’s a greater synthesis of elements, mirroring the dynamic interplay in creating real-life stories and the significance of wise choices in shaping meaningful experiences.

We look forward to discussing and deciding the accommodation and transportation arrangements for the six-day seminar together. Your preferences and feedback are essential to meet your needs and expectations for a comfortable event experience.

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