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The Way You Think Reveals Who You Are And Vice Versa

The way we think determines the way we interpret and create meaning; how we understand our reality and develop a meaningful life for ourselves. There is a dynamic relationship between the way we interpret and the way we create meaning. We form ideas as we connect and interact with our environment and experience the meaning and value of our interactions. In turn, the ideas we form come to influence the meaning of our feelings and the value of the choices and actions we undertake. This back and forth activity is part of learning. This is the process through which we develop our own personal system of thought. We may not be aware of the process, but we experience the effect of our thinking in the life we create for ourselves.

We develop wise thinking when we realize, examine and reflect on the process of our reasoning (as opposed to that of others around us). We develop in so far as our way of thinking develops.

Paths represent the cognitive processes that are part of thinking. Meaning is qualitative in nature and as such it is elusive. It needs to be revealed by understanding the way in which it is created. The four paths represent the processes in which we engage when we cultivate our ability to set purposeful goals and create a life of meaning for ourselves and others.

Our Process

1. Paths

Paths represent the way we interpret and create meaning; how we come to understand reality and create meaning for ourselves.

You may examine the same Topic under different Paths. You will discover how the different approaches allow for a better understanding of the Topic itself. One complements the other, providing you with insight into the way you think and how that influences your interpretation of the Topic.

Philosophize, Explore, Energize or Create! Which Path will you take?

2. Topics

These are the many Topics that affect our everyday life, from questioning truth to finding personal balance and unpicking the knots of true love.

Topics are the content of the Paths. The same Topic is examined under different Paths revealing the different ways this Topic may be approached and interpreted in a meaningful way. 

What Topic is churning in your mind? Needs to come apart and be brought to life?

= Seminars

The purpose of our Experiential Seminars is to provide you insight into the Ef Zin  ‘How To’. By working through Topics of interest that reveal your system of thought;  in an experiential manner, i.e. representative of reality.

We offer three types of programs with a maximum of 8 participants.

Experiential Seminars designed for those of you who would like to get a taste of the benefits involved in recognizing and bettering your process of thinking.

They have fixed activities, duration and location. Activities are representative of the Path and the Topic we are examining, as well as the Introductory nature of the seminar.

Experiential Seminars designed for those who are more inquisitive on the matters of thinking and who have prior knowledge or experience.

They have fixed activities, duration and location. Activities are representative of the Path and the Topic we are examining, as well as the Advanced nature of the seminar.

Experiential Seminars designed to fit your personal needs. 

Under a specific Path, you may choose a Topic (other than the ones offered); the duration (maximum duration 7 days); the illustrative activities (for example physical over cultural); and the location of your preference.  However, you cannot alter the dialectic games and exercises of the seminar. Immerse yourself in the Path and Topic of your choice!

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There is no “classroom” narration in our seminars.

Each seminar is composed of alternate activities:

  • Dialectic games and activities, signature of Sophia’s Best.
  • Physical, cultural, creative, culinary, and other illustrative activities that allow you to understand and explore your system of thought through experience; when you are actively engaged in thinking.
  • A Sophia’s Best Mentor guides you throughout the seminar to foster your understanding of the Ef Zin way of thinking.
  • Local Mentors illustrate insights through the techne of their craft and allow you to enjoy the fruits of their wisdom.  

Experiential Seminars are of varying duration and take place in different locations of Greece throughout the year.

Join us!

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