Explore The Meaning In Your Experiences

how to interpret & understand the meanings behind material expressions

The experiential seminars in “Explore”, unravel the path of reasoning we take when we try to interpret and therefore understand the meanings of our experiences. How do you untangle the knot of miscommunication, of mixed messages, of misunderstanding, of empty words? How do you find meaning in your relationships, your work and everyday living?

The process of understanding meaning is the very essence of all thinking processes. We find true meaning when we learn to differentiate between the material (the “what’s”, objects and actions) from the immaterial (the “why’s”, purpose, and consequences) of our reality. We develop a system of thought as we engage in detecting and interpreting meaning. Many times, we become “lazy” in our exploration; we get caught in a routine and don’t spend time examining the quality of the things that come to define our experience of living. The value of life resides in our ability to perceive meaning beyond the material we see. To find the unseen value of our words, actions, relationships, feelings and behaviors.

You discover meaning when you keep your thinking activated. When you recognize the nature of your system of thought in understanding meaning and its significance to your well-being.

The meaning of our story is revealed in the way we develop it as protagonists of our life. In the way we drive the plot forward through the goals we set and the choices we make. In the learnings we gain as we discover ourselves and recognize true meaning. What is your story about? How do you explore the meaning of its plot? What are the qualities of the main protagonist?

What you Get from Explore Seminars

How to explore meaning in communication.

Communication is the bridge of exchanging meaning. The way you and your co-communicator build this bridge determines the quality of meaning created and the value of your conversation. Explore this process of meaningful exchange.

How to explore meaning in feelings and behaviors.

The way you understand the meaning of your feelings directs the meaning in your behaviors, and guides all your decisions. Explore the way your interpretations of emotions and behaviors influences your evaluation of actions.

How to explore meaning in relationships.

All human relationships are imbued with meaning; how you pick up on this meaning influences the quality of your connection. Explore how to recognize and understand the meanings surging in the dynamic of two people and two systems of thought.

Discover How To Explore Meaning

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Meaning represents the properties of people and things; their quality. We tend to think of quality in positive terms, however, qualities may be positive or negative, pleasant or unpleasant. Qualities are characteristics such as hostile/peaceful, polite/rude, bitter/sweet, harsh/soft, and confident/insecure. The value of qualities depends on their intensity and effect; being confident allows us to face risks, but being overconfident may also put us at risk. Being insecure may hold us back from making choices, but by being insecure we may be more thoughtful of the choices we make. Qualities are immaterial; they are represented in behaviors, objects and symbols. Our thinking needs to be geared towards exploring beyond the material, so that we may discover the immaterial qualities that carry value and bring meaning to our reality.

We can choose to either be active authors of the story we create for ourselves or passive actors in a story created for us.

We find depth in our our sense of being, when we improve our understanding of the nature of meaning. There is meaning in every action and interaction, every word said and exchanged, every relationship we form and every choice and decision we make; these express our feelings and needs, our ideas and aspirations. We tell a story about the quality of who we are through everything we do and say. The true quality of our story is not to be found in our actions per se, but the meaning that drives them forward and the results they bring about. Nor is it to be found in the context of our living per se, but in the way we interact with our reality and the meaning we create.

How Do You Explore Yourself? Think about it. You're doing it right now.


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“Man is a being in search of meaning.” Plato

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