Explore The True Meaning Of Your Experiences


The experiential seminars under the path Explore offer a unique way of understanding the seemingly elusive nature of “true meaning”. They guide you in learning how to interpret and evaluate the meaning of your experiences in a way that is true to who you are and what truly matters.

Our well-being is intimately linked to our ability to recognize meaning in the things that allow us to express our true selves. We constantly interpret and create meaning, even if we are unaware of it. Unfortunately, more often than not, meaning remains unsaid or unrealized, either because we avoid explaining it or because we take it for granted, not making an effort to explore it further. We misrepresent and misunderstand ourselves and others as we fail to exercise our reasoning in recognizing meaning and how it is created.

Our experiences are a reflection of who we are, so it is essential that our understanding of them is accurate. Everything has meaning, but meaningful to us is that which is of value to us. This is why exploring the true meaning of our experiences is fundamental to discovering our true selves and developing personal value.

You discover yourself insofar as the meanings you draw from your experiences are truly meaningful to you and the life you wish to create.

Understanding the nature of meaning is the foundation of wise thinking and Ef Zin. Our well-being is the result of our ability to explore and evaluate the true meaning of our experienced reality by going beyond the apparent surface-level understanding. We find true meaning when we learn to differentiate between tangible aspects of our reality (the “what” – objects, actions and behaviors) from their intangible meanings (the “why” – purpose and consequence). Only by doing so can we uncover the essence and value of what truly matters, take purposeful actions, and achieve valuable results.

Our Explore Seminars offer insight On

How to find meaning in communication.

Communication is the process of exchanging meaning. Unclear messages are the main cause of misunderstandings resulting from a lack of clarity in meaning. Explore how you communicate so you can represent yourself and understand others better.

How to find meaning in feelings and behaviors.


To achieve true self-awareness, you must explore your feelings and behaviors. Understanding how one influences the other is essential to making wise decisions. Explore them both and gain insight into appreciating your true sense of self.

How to find meaning in relationships.

Relationships are significant in understanding ourselves and our expectations from others. Explore how you form and maintain relationships to recognize how you perceive yourself and how to work towards building a meaningful sense of self.

Discover How To Explore Meaning

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How To Explore The Real You

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How To Explore Personal Balance

For 2 days, in the mountain slopes and sea shores of Southern Peloponnese you explore the benefits of personal balance....


Meaning represents the properties of people and things; their quality. We tend to think of quality positively; however, qualities may be positive or negative, pleasant or unpleasant. Qualities are characteristics such as hostile/peaceful, polite/rude, bitter/sweet, harsh/soft, and confident/insecure. The value of qualities depends on their intensity and effect; being confident allows us to face risks, but being overconfident may also put us at risk. Being insecure may hold us back from making choices, but by being insecure we may be more thoughtful of the choices we make. Qualities are immaterial; they are represented in behaviors, objects and symbols. Our thinking needs to be geared towards exploring beyond the material, so that we may discover the immaterial qualities that carry value and bring meaning to our reality.

We define a true sense of self when we recognize what is real and significant in the life we create for ourselves.

We find depth in our sense of being when we improve our understanding of the nature of meaning. There is meaning in every action and interaction, every word said and exchanged, every relationship we form and every choice and decision we make; these express our feelings and needs, ideas and aspirations. We tell a story about the quality of who we are through everything we do and say. The true quality of our story is not to be found in our actions per se but in the meaning that drives them forward and the results they bring about. Nor is it to be found in the context of our living per se, but in how we interact with our reality and the meaning we create.

“Knowing Yourself is The Beginning Of All Wisdom.” Aristotle

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