Energize Your Way Of Thinking

how to activate your personal qualities and instigate meaningful actions

The essence of ‘Energize’ is both the product and propellent of all the other paths. The experiential seminars in ‘Energize’ divulge the ways in which we keep our thinking energized in order to embolden our inner qualities and outward choices and actions.

It is our thinking that animates our life, so we need to approach it with zeal as well. This means actively indulging in the thinking process. Being aware of the way we’ve formed ideas and perspectives and consciously using the products of our thinking to make wise and meaningful decisions. How do I define my priorities? How do I digest my experiences? How do I trust what I’m told? How do I build my own rationale? How do my emotions characterize my path of reasoning? And then… how do I take all this and turn it into action? How do I use my ideas to evaluate my choices? How do I use my learnings to make the decisions that become my experience of living?

Making choices is the energy that propels us forward in cultivating ourselves and our lives. We like to believe that in most cases we don’t have alternative choices. But where we find ourselves is the result of the goals we choose to set and the actions we choose to undertake in achieving them. We may be bound by the choices we make, nevertheless, only in making new choices can we free ourselves. The success of our efforts depends on the way we process our learnings and ideas as well as the way we evaluate meaning in the choices themselves. Reasoning leads to wise choices which lead to meaningful actions and fulfilling results.

When we actively and zealously Explore, Create, and Philosophize we produce new energy. We move forward, and with every choice we make, we feed and nourish the dynamic of “good” thinking, “wise”acting and “well” being.

If our thinking is the energy of our actions, naturally then, our thinking needs to be energized.

What you Get From Energize Seminars

How to energize your thinking

Your thinking is your life source. If it remains stagnant, so do you. Learn to animate your thinking processes and become perceptive of the ways you critically sustain the cycle of forming ideas, making decisions and taking action.

How to energize your qualities

Your character is unique in the qualities that come to define you. They influence your true potential and the way you go about fulfilling it. Recognize your qualities and energize them by making choices that embolden personal growth.

How to energize meaningful choices and actions

The choices you make represent qualities that are similar, opposite or contradictory to your true self. Evaluate the way you make these qualitative choices and determine which actions will be most meaningful to you.

Discover How To Energize Your Thinking


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Wise choices are about recognizing those alternatives that lead to meaningful possibilities. Of course, as everything within the Ef Zin approach, we need to examine the qualities of alternatives, not their material expression. There are alternatives with qualities that are similar, opposite or contradictory to who we are. Those similar to us, are easy to recognize, since they are a reflection of ourselves. Those opposite to us, pose a challenge. Our partner may be more adventurous than us and challenge our inclination to avoid unpredictable situations. However, alternatives contradictory to ourselves are more difficult to recognize. For example, you and your lover believe that voicing your opinion is important, but one is more confident in doing so and the other is not. In this case, you have similar ideals, but opposite personality traits. Perhaps you believe that voicing your opinion is important and your lover does not. If so, there is a contradiction in the ideals you hold. Contradictions, especially in the ideas we hold, result in conflict and the only solution is adopting or rejecting the alternative. However, adopting qualities that are contrary to our true self inhibit personal growth.

Energize your journey to personal fulfillment. Challenge your system of thought in the choices you make as you move forward in your experience of living.

We will make mistakes, but it becomes easier to recognize and cultivate possibilities when we are not afraid of making choices. We become more confident in the choices we make, and in ourselves, by practicing the learnings we gain in the possibilities we develop. We need to sharpen our reasoning, so that the qualities we cultivate can energize our sense of self and develop our true potential.

How Do You Energize Yourself? Think about it.
You're doing it right now.


How energized is your attitude to life?

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“The secret to change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” Socrates

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