Our experiential seminars advise you on how to better evaluate the ideas that guide your thinking in defining the roles you are required to play, the expectations you are asked to fulfil, and the values you are encouraged to embrace. Doing so helps you better understand yourself and make wise choices that align with your values and purpose.

It’s in our human nature to exercise our reasoning and organise the meaning of our learnings into greater “wholes”: ideas. These are not bound to time or specific situations. They act as principles that guide our thinking and actions. They allow us to make hypotheses about things we have not yet experienced and advise us on how to manage unforeseen events. You need to process your learnings and discover the principles that endure time and hardship, allowing you to move forward in developing your full potential.

Learnings are the ideas you turn to when making choices and pursuing your goals. Make sure they are true in representing the real you.

When you explore and develop ideas, you learn to practice wise thinking because they influence how you interpret your feelings and experiences and, therefore, how you perceive yourself and others. You remain true to yourself in so far as the ideas you hold are the result of your well-thought-out evaluations.


Be a free thinker and don’t accept everything you hear as truth. Be critical and evaluate what you believe in.


Our experiential seminars focus on the following:

How To Recognize The Origin Of Your Ideas
Our mentors show you how to recognise the origin of the ideas that guide your choices, how to explore their meaning, and how to evaluate the way in which they were formed and why. They help you understand where they come from, what they mean to you, and why they are significant. Examining their origins gives you insight into the influences shaping your decisions. This self-awareness empowers you to discern ideas that align with your true self so you can refine your decision-making and make choices that resonate authentically with who you are.   

How To Remove Bias From Your Ideas
Ideas related to self have a natural tendency to be tinted with bias. Learning to differentiate the true and constructive elements of your learnings and ideas from those that cloud your thinking requires critical thinking. You will learn how your views can sway your thinking, how to look at things from different angles and how to challenge yourself by seeking out different perspectives and questioning your assumptions. How to become more open-minded and willing to adjust your thinking based on new information so you can keep those biases in check and make more informed decisions.

How To Hypothesise Wisely From Your Ideas
Preset ideas form the basis of your expectations for the future. However, keeping a balance between what you believe and what you need to find out moving forward involves maintaining an open mind. Openness to learning is fundamental to developing personal wisdom. This means exploring new perspectives and experiences that challenge or expand your current beliefs. This openness enables you to deepen your understanding, challenge your assumptions, and embrace change. By remaining open to learning and willing to reassess your ideas in light of new information, you can find a balance between what you already know and what you have yet to discover.

Don’t be quick to adopt ideas. Examine the source, examine the proposition entailed, and evaluate the consequences that may arise by adopting them.


Discover their power in shaping your life. Learn to evaluate their origin so that the path you create is of your own making.

Whether for personal or business enhancement, all our seminars can be customised to meet your unique needs, fostering growth in all areas of your life, personal or professional.


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